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Schools and CTEs across the country are using the Real-Forklift to bridge the gap between potential and opportunity.

Get Real-Forklift certified, earn your certificate and gain skill badges to showcase your demonstrated ability to operate a forklift.

Employers and Staffing agencies access untapped potential, sponsor training, upskill your team members.

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Virtual Reality Forklift Simulator

Onboard, Train, & Maintain

Learn how a Real-Forklift virtual reality simulator has helped companies improve the hiring, training, and safety of their forklift operators.

Students training on Real-Forklift Mobile with others watching
Real-Forklift Premium virtual reality forklift simulator

No More Traditional Problems

Labor Shortage

High Turnover

Skills Gaps

Costly Damage

Injury and Death

Bad Habits

Lack of Engagement

Lack of Motivation

Ineffective Training

New Challenges

Changing Needs

Lack of Compliance

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Assess and Onboard

Stop recycling low quality candidates. It costs nearly $7500 to hire and train a replacement forklift operator. Reduce bad hires and lower personnel costs. Find untapped talent through our unique partnerships. Hire the right operator the first time.

Train & Develop

See a 50% or more reduction in training time using a Real-Forklift VR simulator. Develop the right habits with real-time evaluation and feedback. Stay in compliance with our end-to-end operator management system.

Engage and maintain

Stop punitive actions. Engage your team through competitions, rewards, and incentives. Reinforce good behavior using mobile, web, and VR technologies. Compete in company and global events such a forklift rodeos and skills competitions.

Real Success Stories

In their own words

Within the first three months of using the Real-Forklift warehouse incident rates decreased by 20%.

Bill Meister


Sr. Learning and Experience Designer

“We wanted to accelerate the learning curve for operators by using virtual reality to cut the training time in half, and, we wanted to cut our touches in half to improve quality. We now live in a world of halves, halves, halves. That’s how the elements come together for this new ecosystem.” System Report: GE Appliances pulls the digital thread

Mark Shirkness


VP of Distribution

Quote from Auto Manufacturer

"Within the first three months of using the Real-Forklift warehouse incident rates decreased by 20%."

Bill Meister

Auto Manufacturer

Sr. Learning and Experience Designer

Quote From Appliance Manufacturer

"We reduced our new-hire training time by almost 50% once we implemented the REAL-Forklift VR Simulator."

Mark Shirkness

Major Appliance Company

VP of Distribution

Quote From Logistics Company

" The realism of the VR Simulator allowed our employees to feel more comfortable when it was time to drive an actual forklift"

Bill Meister

Logistics Company

Sr. Learning and Experience Designer

Quote from auto manufacturer

“Really-Virtual has been incredibly responsive as a thought partner and developer to meet our needs.”

Mark Shirkness

Auto Manufacturer

VP of Distribution

Quote from quote from auto manufacturer

“VR is not a product of “the future”—if you’re not using VR, you’re behind. Really-Virtual can help you catch up!”

Mark Shirkness

Auto Manufacturer

VP of Distribution

Quote from auto manufacturer

“Peter and Mike are a pleasure to work with and their product is rigorously designed.”

Mark Shirkness

Auto Manufacturer

VP of Distribution


Three models to meet your needs


Additional Features

Unlimited users with cloud storage, video playback, and our guided path curriculum provides every user a progress report and letter grade.

Command Post mobile app provides users with a complete log of all training, a leaderboard for competitions, chat and more. Administrators can manage their simulators and their users.

Observation Post provides the only remote training assistance for virtual reality forklifts on the market. Trainers can connect via a Zoom like interface from their PC or mobile device with live a live operator view and voice and video over a secure connection. Up to 16 people can observe one operator at one time.

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  1. What sets the Real-Forklift apart from other forklift simulator solutions?
    1. Virtual Reality or Desktop: One solution
    2. Premium, Mobile or a License Only Option
    3. Unlimited user accounts
    4. 256-bit AES Authenticated Accounts using email/password or Google Login
    5. Cloud-based solution. Review user performance and manage your simulators
    6. Guided Path Curriculum and a virtual trainer NGeOT (Next Gen Operator Trainer)
    7. All manufacturing and Software development in the United States
    8. Exceptional customer support included in all licenses:
      - Remote support and maintenance
      - Monthly training sessions
      - Automatic software updates
  2. Can you receive OSHA certification by training on the REAL-Forklift VR Simulator?

    OSHA requires that you must get certified by the employer on the actual forklift that you will be using to perform your job duties. Our Basic Training Suit forklift training software provides a comprehensive guided path curriculum based on OSHA 1910.178 standards.

  3. How realistic is the REAL-Forklift VR simulator?

    While using the REAL-Forklift, you are fully immersed in a virtual environment. Using the latest tracking technology, you will see your hands in VR while interacting with the forklift control system, steering wheel, and parking brake. There are multiple environments, cone courses and pedestrians in the virtual warehouse. Force feedback steering adds an extra level of realism as it will vibrate if you bump into things.

  4. What is the difference between the Premium and Mobile Simulator?

    The REAL-Forklift Premium best replicates an actual forklift. It has an authentic forklift seat, seatbelt and is a plug & play solution. The REAL-Forklift Mobile Simulator is completely portable. It attaches to any desktop and is perfect for multi-site use as you can pack it up in the included Pelican case and take it with you or check it as oversized luggage on a flight. The Mobile unit takes about 15 minutes to set up and take down.

  5. How difficult is it to move the REAL-Forklift Premium Simulator?

    The REAL-Forklift Premium model was designed to be the smallest standalone forklift simulator solution on the market. Unlike other products, you do not need a pallet jack or forklift to move it around. It weighs 250 lbs. and can be moved by 2 people. There is a handle on the back of the simulator for easy lifting, and you can place a furniture dolly underneath to move it around.

  6. Does the REAL-Forklift Premium Simulator fit through standard doorways?

    Yes. We designed our Real-Forklift Premium with classroom training environments in mind. We don't believe that hand-on training should be restricted to the warehouse. At only 31.5 inches wide, our Premium simulator will fit through nearly any interior doorway.  Perfect for a comfortable classroom environment.

  7. What is the Return on Investment (ROI)?

    ROI can be quick. Customers have reported a 20% decrease in warehouse accidents after just a few months of using the REAL-Forklift. Customers have also reported a reduction in new hire training time, and churn rates. It's best to talk with our team. We can determine your needs, focus on your problem areas and provide you a solid estimate of your ROI for your business case.

  8. Can I see a live demonstration of the REAL-Forklift VR Simulator?

    Yes, you can book a live virtual demonstration through our website. The live demo will be done via Zoom Web Conference.

  9. Do I purchase or rent the REAL-Forklift?

    Our pricing is much like Software as a Service (SaaS) model. You can purchase either a 2 or 3 year all-inclusive plan, which gives you unlimited users, a premium support agreement and hardware warranty bundled in 1 package. You will have the option to renew your software license at the end of your term. We offer multi-unit discounts. You own the hardware.

  10. Do you have a Learning Management System (LMS)?

    Yes. The Basic Training forklift simulator software includes a guided path learning system that tracks each user’s progress. A virtual trainer guides you and provides voice feedback during your training. There is also a companion mobile app that gives you a high-level view of all the trainings, history, scoring and simulator usage so you can track user progress.

  11. Do I have to renew my software license at the end of my term?

    No. The REAL-Forklift will work in local mode. But, if you want all of the data analytics, user history and training records, you will need to renew your license.

  12. What is Remote Trainer Connect (RTC)?

    RTC, allows an operator to request assistance and from anywhere. Their trainers will be notified via their Command Post or Observation Post application. Trainers can then connect remotely using their mobile device or PC. Trainers will have a first-person view of the operator while the operator will see their trainer on their virtual tablet with crystal clear two-way voice communications.

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