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Really-Virtual Corporation, dba BluWorkz, is a Veteran operated business with a mission to onboard, train, and maintain the new-collar workforce. A combination of practical experience, military training, and doctoral research, Really-Virtual has developed a unique workforce development platform that leverages the best elements of today’s technologies and years of practical experience.

In 2017, Really-Virtual recognized a need to modernize forklift training. Existing forklift training still heavily relied on in-class instruction, printed materials, videos and PowerPoint slides. Quite often the hands-on experiential portion of training was time, space or resource constrained. What did this mean, too many people needing quality training, not enough equipment and not enough trainers.

There were some existing forklift simulator solutions on the market. Why are simulators useful? They give trainees the ability to put their learning into practice before using actual equipment. Simulators provided a virtual environment, but for many years it wasn't immersive. Immersion is a key component not only in learning, but also retention. Typical classroom learning has about a 10% retention. Early forklift simulators that relied on a monitor and crude control systems improved that. But adding virtual reality creates a learning and retention environment comparable to actual real world equipment operation.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a solution on the market that provided a cost-effective, scalable solution. This is where the Real-Forklift was born.

In 2018, Really-Virtual launched it's first forklift simulator solution, the Real-Forklift Premium. Powered by our Basic Training Suite software, it was the first step in modernizing material handling operator training. Since 2018, the Real-Forklift Basic Training software has over 100 updates and improvements and continues to get better with our great partnerships.

Check out a video of our early prototype and turn up the volume!

Mike Morgan, Co-Founder, CEO
Mike Morgan
Chief exective officer
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Jennifer Morgan
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Noemi Chronopoulos
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Jennifer Bonnett
Strategic Advisor
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