Shall We Play a Game!

Yep this at the bottom.  Why, you ask? Well. Aren't you just here to play a game? So what is this all about? Why is there a Simon game on your website?

That's a good question. Our CEO and Head of Product Development, Mike Morgan decided to take a web development course offered by VetsInTech. VetsInTech provides service members, veterans and their spouses the opportunity to take courses to improve their skills to better prepare themselves for roles in the tech industry.

For Mike Morgan, it's always about continual learning and continual improvement. Having taken lead on development of the Real-Forklift virtual reality training simulator. This included hardware and software. It was time for him to become more comfortable with HTML and JavaScript.

The VetsInTech Web Development program was an intensive four-week program that culminated in a final project. From the four options, Mike opted for the most JavaScript intensive project. And that is how we ended up with the game Simon on our website!

How-To Play

  • Press the Start Button
  • After the introduction, Simon will show you a sequence.  When Simon is done repeat it, but don't be too slow.
  • Continue until you achieve victory or defeat.
  • If you place in the top 5 enter your initials.
  • Repeat as often as needed to relax


  • Click/tap the settings icon (i.e. gear) to adjust the max levels to victory, to adjust the difficulty, and/or reset the leaderboard.
    - Click/tap the + or - or click/tap the number to type it in.
    - If you want to play unlimited just set the max levels to 100.  If you get to 100 you are the master!
    - You can set difficulty up to level 5. The higher the difficulty the faster Simon is and will get much much faster as you progress.
  • Click/tap the mute icon (i.e. speaker) to mute the sounds so you can play in bed without waking your significant other.
  • The banner on the top is the best score to date. Tap on the top score banner to see the top 5 scores.
  • All scores are saved locally and will persist so you can keep coming back for me.
  • Someday we may have a global leaderboard, TBD. Enjoy the Game.