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Real-Forklift Virtual Reality Simulator

Struggling with any of the following?

BluWorkz Real-Forklift can improve how you onboard, train, and maintain your forklift operators.

1. Warehouse accidents
2. Lack of qualified forklift operators
3. Ineffective training
4. Knowledge/Skill Gaps
5. Labor Shortages

What to Expect

During this demo you will connect with us via Zoom. We will learn more about the challenges you currently face within your business, school, or government agency. It's important to first understand if we have a solution that can address your challenge in a measurable and impactful way. Most likely we have experienced similar challenges with one of our existing customers, so you are in good hands.

After that short discussion, get ready! You will get a first person view of the Real-Forklift in Action. Our operator will be using a virtual reality head mounted display, but their view will be projected to your screen. They will be showing you the experience on one of our Premium forklift simulator models, but all versions use the same software and share very similar experiences.

During the demo, we will discuss the various environments, such as racking exercises and cone course driver skills. We will provide an overview of our OSHA compliant curriculum. We will also share with your other great features such as our Remote Trainer Connect, or as we shamelessly call it Zoom for virtual reality forklift training.

Finally, we will have an opportunity to answer any questions you may have about our product, software, and support. If all goes well, we will prepare for next steps, to get you closer to having a Real-Forklift at your facilities.