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When Virtual Reality Is More Than Real

Peter Chronopoulos, Co-founder of RVC showing hand tracking in 2018

Lift truck operator training is getting a boost from VR. In addition to shortening training time, the technology offers managers and drivers more information earlier about people’s abilities to safely operate trucks of all types.

“These may be the early days, but I fully expect VR to mature in the next three to five years,” – Mike Morgan

Gary Forger wrote a great piece for Modern Material Handling. We had the honor of being included in his piece along the likes of Raymond and Hyster-Yale. Since 2018, Really-Virtual has been the little engine that could, bootstrapping our business with a vision to onboard, train, and maintain the new-collar workforce.

On the surface we see a few different virtual reality forklift simulator solutions. But if you look a bit deeper you will begin to see and understand why we at RVC are quite different in our approach and our goals. Three years ago I got into the virtual reality business because I recognized not only the potential, but the time and timeliness of the solution. But everyone was looking at it as just another training aid. You know, like a laminated training aid, a video, a Power Point presentation. But what was really missing was the why.

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This is why RVC is going to be transformative for the “blue-collar” workforce. You see we don’t call them that, they are the new-collar worker. These are the workers that impact every single person by operating our equipment, learning our trades, protecting our people and property. These are not the forgotten ones, but rather the significant, underrepresented and and underappreciated ones. We recognize there are many great jobs, whether as entry points, mid-career options, or life-long gainful employment. You see, it’s not about the technology, though virtual reality is still pretty darn amazing, it’s about the people and what the technology can do to change a person’s opportunity, their status, their life.

Today, we continue to refine our Real-Forklift Virtual Reality simulator, but we are also working to get closer to the mission that matters most. Read the full article below and feel free to contact us to learn more about how we are transforming workforce development in material handling.

When Virtual Reality Is More Than Real

As a next-generation technology, virtual reality (VR) may seem kind of out there. You know, little used and not especially well developed. More in the future than the present. Something you wouldn’t be interested in unless you’re an early adopter of next-generation technologies.

If that’s what you’re thinking, you need to reconsider. When it comes to lift truck operator training, VR is more widely used than most expect and already has a strong track record delivering well-trained operators in less time. VR is also a potential career development tool, too. … continue to MMH.

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