Software Updates

Software Updates – as of 3/9/2018

A bit late, but here is a list of what we’ve done from 2/5 to 3/9.

So you know the names of what make up our product line.
Real-Forklift / this is our hardware simulator
Basic Training Suite / this is the software on our simulator and also used for desktop only solutions
Command Post / This is our Learning Management, Content Management, and Hardware Management all-in-one platform
Command Post Android / This is our mobile app that also provides real-time connectivity and telemetry
Command Post Web / Our web interface and where you will download software and manage your account
RTO (Radio Transmission Operator) / Our Windows tray companion app and background service. This is our communications interface between BTS and Command Post. It helps keep everything update and copacetic.

1. New forklift model – Toyota-Based 3-stage mast
2. Appliance Attachment – based on Basiloid Model 5879
3. Additional Appliance boxes
4. Dynamic Billboards to display your company Logo
5. Steering feedback.
a. Force feedback for frontal collisions and side impacts. Magnitude of force, dependent on collision velocity and G forces.
b. Force feedback for suspension deflection. You will feel this when the forklift is disrupted or when it travels over bumpy surfaces.
c. Force feedback under high lateral Gs. When turning the forklift hard (i.e. donuts) you will feel the steering increase force to return to center.
d. Loose steering. Adjusts feel when the suspension extends, and the forklift is approaching an airborne condition.
6. App Based Forklift ‘written’ test – Alpha version
7. Forklift Operator Heads-Up Display (HUD)
8. Real-time Telemetry and Data Collection – Alpha version
a. Forklift speed and position,
b. accel/braking Gs, lateral Gs, collision Gs,
c. suspension compression/extension, tire slip
d. forklift position for all four fork controls.
e. Total Session Time and Activity Elapsed time (time begins on movement)
9. Event Collection – Alpha Version
a. Logs session time
b. Notifications important to session
c. Events. Events are activities or actions that may be deemed as a mistake, unsafe or damaging.
10. Command Post Web – Web-based tool – Account Management / Hardware Management / Content Manager / Learning and Training Management
11. Demo training scenarios added
a. Cone Course
b. Speed Bumps
c. Racks
d. Appliances
12. CP can select what scenario and which attachment to use on the fly
13. CP can put operator into training/evaluation mode (currently only updates HUD)
14. User Activity report emailed. Sent to User email address (adding supervisor / trainer soon)
15. Inching pedal. The inching pedal is a combination of hardware and software. Software logic mimics real-world with adjustability in how the pedal engages. Next update will allow Operator to control fork lift rate based on engine rpm.
16. Parking Brake switch. Software addition. Will require a hardware parking brake or switch to engage.
17. Trainer Multi-cam view. Birds-Eye, top view, box view and side-fork view added. Can be cycled during training session.
18. Session Recording – Experimental (impacts performance)
a. Record session in .mp4 format for post session playback and review.
b. Snapshot recording of mistakes
19. See your hands – Experimental (impacts performance)
a. Using Leap Motion technology to track you hands in real-time.
b. Current view is a wireframe view of hands
c. Does not require any gloves. Sensor mounts to headset.

1. Verified publisher certificate as Really-Virtual Consulting, LLC
2. Basic Training Suite (BTS) verifies License via internet / Command Post (CP)
3. Command Post Web. Web version of mobile app. Also allows users to register their account and download the demo and obtain their license key.
4. Display Monitor HUD
a. Telemetry – reports key vehicle metrics and events
b. Current operator / Connection status
c. License, version, FPS and recording status
5. Seatbelt buzzer will only go off when seatbelt isn’t fastened and when traveling over 2mph.

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