Software Updates

Real-Forklift Basic Training v2.1.13 Update

May 19, 2020 – version 2.1.13

This update mainly addresses bugs reported since the spring update.

  • update: pedestrian system performance improvements
  • bugfix: Lesson 105 completion not saving to user training record
  • bugfix: cone course 00D bad start position
  • bugfix: after user disconnect, new user settings not loading when a different user connects
  • bugfix: user alignment not working when a new user connects
  • update: Lesson 105 and Exercise 101 will now resume at last checkpoint if restarted before completing
  • added: Last activity timestamp to user profile. Company admins can view in Command Post.
  • bugfix: fork spread telemetry not reporting to HUD

We are continually working forking on our Basic Training Suite software to improve your virtual reality forklift simulator experience. If you have any issues or questions feel free to email support.

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