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Real-Forklift Basic Training Winter 2020 Update

This Update Focuses on the Training Experience

Live Remote Trainer Assistance

We are excited to showcase one of the biggest changes to virtual reality forklift training.  Remote trainer assistance.  We all know 2020 has been a difficult time for everyone.  One of the biggest challenges is how do we provide effective and safe training for our skilled labor workforce.

We had an opportunity to discuss social distancing protocols with some clients and we realized that not only do we need to provide safe ways for people to train in person, but we also needed to add flexibility for trainers to provide training even when they work from home or from other locations.

All existing customers and new customers will receive unlimited access to remote training through Jun 30, 2021 at no extra charge.

Your trainer is a critical member of your team.  Far often there are too few, or not in the right places.  Now with your Real-Forklift your trainer can be anywhere they need to be.  With live remote training, it is simply a single push of the button and an Operator can instantly notify a trainer that they need assistance.

How does it work?  It’s simple.  Once an operator is logged into their real forklift, they can either send a training request via the on-screen toolbar, or once they are in VR on their forklift, just tap the training support button on their tablet.  From there, all designated trainers will receive a push notification via the Real-Forklift Command Post app for iOS that a user needs training assistance.

Today, that trainer will log into their version of Real-Forklift Basic Training and join the designated observer/trainer channel.  Once connected, it works just like a typical Zoom call except as a trainer you will see what the operator sees.  The operator will also see and hear you via webcam to create a personal one-on-one training experience.

While providing guidance and feedback, a trainer will have the ability to choose from five different camera views to see the forklift from different positions, providing an unparalleled perspective compared to the real-world.

Company Group Chat

Now you and 15 of your closest forklift operators and trainers can connect via voice chat while operating their Real-Forklift.  This is just the first step towards a truly multi-user forklift training experience.

Imagine if you were a trainer with a class of Real-Forklifts.  Now you can sit at mission control and chat with the whole group, or jump into an one-on-one channel with our Live Training Assistance.

Flashback & Rewind

Flashback & Rewind are huge additions to improve the user training experience.  Sometimes things go bad while training, but that doesn’t mean it has to end.  With virtual reality, a Real-Forklift and our Flashback feature trying again is just as easy as a tap of the left steering paddle.  Never again worry about starting an exercise from the beginning when you damage something.

As part of the flashback feature, operators can take it all the way back to the beginning and try again.

Additionally, all activity is uploaded to our cloud to make the lesson resume process exactly how you’d expect it.  Now you will start back in a lesson or exercise in the exact position you quit with everything just how you left.

New Secure Login System

We’ve completely revised our login system to make it more secure and more user friendly.  Now when you create your new username or you login with an existing, your account will be secured and authenticated with your email and password.  But you will be able to continue to login with your Username and PIN.  We secure all sensitive data with 256-bit AES encryption.

We are adding new ways a user can create and connect with their Real-Forklift.  All accounts users will create their Real-Forklift profile, but we have also added google/gmail single sign-on.

Much like users today can quickly log into their mobile apps using their Gmail account, Real-Forklift users can do the same.

The great part is this one login works on all Real-Forklift services.

Once you create your account on the Real-Forklift, just use those same credentials to log into the Real-Forklift Command Post app for iOS and soon to be released web app to manage your user profile, view your training or connect to simulators.

Simplified Steering Controls

With the great new additions we’ve also simplified how you interact with your Real-Forklift.  This updated steering map shows that most of what you will do will be with the two steering paddles.

We’ve made the steering horn easier to use by making all 4 buttons a horn button.

We’ve also made it easier to go through your guided path training and reset your sessions.

Complete Release Notes

  • addition – Live trainer assistance. A trainer will be able to remotely observe the forklift operator and has the ability to view the fork lift from five different camera views.
  • addition – Live Company Voice Chat for up to 16 people.
  • addition – Trainer support button on operator tablet
  • addition – Control buttons on tablet to mute operator microphone when connected to the trainer or using the Company chat channel.
  • addition – Control button to mute other users connected to the Channel.
  • addition – Flashback and rewind. If licensed, user will be able rewind 10 seconds by pulling back once on the left steering paddle.  Pull and hold will continue to rewind to beginning of session.
  • improved – Lesson resume. Now all lessons will resume exactly how they were quit.  This includes score, time, damage and object placement.
  • fix – Quit window consistent with other pop-up windows
  • addition – video compression. All recordings from training sessions will be compressed to reduce hard drive space usage. File size 50-75% smaller.
  • improved – Interaction with the forklift and cones and barrels.  They will now have a more realistic response.
  • fix – some lessons would not exit or resume properly.
  • addition – If licensed and enabled, videos will be uploaded after a user disconnects.  These videos will be accessible via other Real-Forklift apps.
  • improved – All user accounts are now authenticated accounts.  All PIN and passwords are 256-bit AES encrypted
  • addition – Users can now login with a Gmail/Google account
  • improved – All Real-Forklift account credentials will now work without additional steps in the Real-Forklift Command Post app.
  • addition – Users can now login with a email and password, or continuing using their username and pin.
  • fix – Phantom keypress. When logging in the focus would move to the cancel button automatically.  Now users can login using keyboard, tab and enter.
  • addition – Quick calibration. Once a user has calibrated on startup Real-Forklift will remember that setting.  On next startup the operator will only need to confirm the calibration or start over to recalibrate.
  • fix – Training metrics in settings now keep their settings and do not move to zero.
  • addition – System settings are real-time. Trainers may make adjustments to a users settings remotely and they will take effect immediately.
  • improved – Faster initial loading. Load times over 50% quicker.
  • fix – Cone Course 01A no longer show both direction arrows.
  • addition – (experimental) Now support HTC Vive Comsos VR headset and native hand tracking.
  • improved – Scene transitions now respond faster with a new look.
  • fix- Ending Exercise 101 will no longer leave the screen black.
  • improved – Speech recognition. Added additional checks to pickup on user interaction with NGeOT.
  • fix – When using forks cam, pallets and boxes would disappear when the object got too close to the rest.
  • improved – Forks cam is no displayed on the Operator Tablet for a more natural interaction. Additionally, the fork position data will overlay the camera view.
  • addition – Tablet on/off switch
  • fix – User calibration settings will properly load when a new user logs in.
  • fix – Alignment of hand to the Real-Control is now reflective of the real world view.
  • improved – Training menu navigation is now with the left and right steering paddles for a more natural interaction.
  • fix – When a user ends a session the truck will properly reset for the next user.

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