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Real-Forklift Basic Training Spring 2020 Update

The next major update of our Real-Forklift Basic Training software brings an improved human-computer interaction to give you the most natural and realistic forklift simulator experience available today.

March 25, 2020 – Version 2.1

This build focuses on quickly getting new users setup, familiarized and up to speed with using their Real-Forklift. As part of that update, we have completely revised the initial startup sequence.  Neo (our virtual trainer) will now provide additional guidance to help users get their headset positioned properly and quickly calibrate the real with the virtual.

Once calibrated new users will start their Guided Path training.  Guided Path training achieves two objectives:

  1. Get comfortable using their Real-Forklift and Virtual Reality.
  2. Follow the forklift training sequence to meet OSHA learning objectives.

Throughout their experience, Operators will have the opportunity to get additional feedback from Neo and to ask Neo to assist with Navigation to get to the required training faster.

Calibration w/ Tutorial

ALL-NEW Startup Calibration

Our new calibration utility is guided by Neo.  New users can opt for the step-by-step guided tutorial, while experienced users can quickly calibrate.

Why is calibration important? In a mixed reality environment you have real world objects (steering wheel and Real-Control) that need to align with what you are seeing.  If this experience is poor, then the risk of VR confusion, poor experience, and vection (VR induced motion sickness) can occur

Quick Calibration

Creating a More Natural Experience

One of our goals with our Spring 2020 update was to make the training experience more natural.  With our Real-Forklift we mix Virtual and real seamlessly.  The steering and fork controls are real, but the ignition and parking brake are 100% virtual.  We put emphasis on the things most used, but provide the retention training on all important aspects of forklift training.

Enable/Disable Pedestrians

Virtual Ignition & Parking Brake

Speak Less NGeOT

Guided Path Learning

New for our spring 2020 release is Guided Path learning.  After 100s of users testing, we learned that it is important to provide structure early on with our new users (new either with VR or forklifts), but how do we do that effectively and naturally.  Now it’s as easy as telling Neo that you are ready to start training.

Additionally, we wanted users to quickly check their progress.  While Neo will always direct you to the next activity, you can view all of the activities available.  Our learning program, is progressive and targets all OSHA learning and training requirements for forklift certification.  Once you have completed training, you will gain access to practice area, courses, and our Virtual Reality Forklift Rodeo Competitions.

GuidedPath Training with Neo

GuidedPath Training Menu

New and Improved VR Tolerance

One of the bigger challenges with VR, especially vehicle-based VR is the effect of locomotion on the user.  While almost all users will acclimate to VR there are those that may take longer than others.  To help make the experience enjoyable and productive we are happy to introduce VR Tolerance.

VR Tolerance starts at 1 and as a user gets used to VR can move to a 10.  With our new VR Tolerance setting of 1 even the most susceptible people to vection find themselves much more comfortable in our Real-Forklift.

It comes down to what is our objective and what is important about the learning.  Combined with our GuidedPath learning, new operators will still be able to learn the skills that transfer to the real-world and quickly engage in more complex tasks that they would never do in real world training.

Check it out! VR Tolerance improves new user’s ability to train by more than 3x than our previous version

VR Tolerance Demonstration

And Much More To Include

  • ALL-NEW User-based settings system.   Now each user will have their settings loaded into the Real-Forklift on sign-in.  When you change the settings on the simulator they will save to the user.  This includes previous calibration settings to get the system closer to YOU on startup.
  • One username for Command Post and local sign-in. Everyone will create a unique username between 5-20 characters long. This will be how the world knows you when we kick off our rodeo series later this year
  • PIN can now be 4-8 numbers
  • Users creating a Command Post account will be prompted to create their PIN for local login.

General Release Notes:

  • added: Training progress to training menu.  Now you will see if you’ve completed the training, the training status, score, badge and last attempt
  • added: Users will now follow Guided Path training.  User will need to complete their training to access practice area and courses.  Guided Path is synced to the server and      future updates will allow company admins to set the training requirements.
  • added: Additional conversations with NEO.  Start/Stop Training, Enable/Disable Pedestrians and more.  Additional phrases added regularly.
  • bugfix: Screen HUD disappearing after logout
  • bugfix: Forks cam causing HUD to disappear when turned off
  • bugfix: Performance measures not syncing
  • bugfix: Login screen disappearing after disconnect.
  • bugfix: Profile pic persists after logout
  • bugfix: Disconnect button doesn’t show the login page
  • update: VR tolerance head turn effect reduced at higher tolerance settings
  • bugfix: system does not pause if starting up with headset on. (Now displays a message to operator to remove headset and login)
  • bugfix: pause label stays on sometimes

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