Software Updates

Real-Forklift Basic Training February 2021 Update

Feb 6, 2021 – version


  • added lift area heavy to test limits of tipping
  • added Stability triangle (Screen Overlay)
  • added User Profile to settings page
  • google new account creation works
  • email-less account creation


  • NGeOT has a new voice
  • updated default license settings. Now all new features are enabled by default during complimentary period.
  • updated Settings page
  • additional updates to settings page
  • improved readability


  • fixed system pausing and shutting down
  • fixed issue with Request Trainer notification
  • fixed issue which where existing Command Post accounts asked to create password on first login. Now properly asks for the password.
  • fixed userID showing correct if user enters a uppercase letter. Now properly passes all lowercase
  • fixed issue where database would use locally cached data when retrieving an updated username.
  • fix gas pedal not working as substitute for red pill
  • fix issue where user account may be deleted if canceled before logging in.
  • fix display issue with multiple monitors
  • fix Resolutions list overflow

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