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Staffing and Training Forklift Operators

SAVANNAH, GA, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- BluWorkz, a software development company offering virtual reality training and assessment services for forklifts and other heavy equipment, announced a new partnership with Adecco and Adecco Group US Foundation to provide VR-based forklift upskilling services to non-credentialed workers across the United States.

Rolling out first in Columbus, Ohio, this exciting new partnership will deliver critical work skill training and assessment now-for entry level non-credentialed (blue collar) workers. In their LinkedIn announcement, Adecco stated that “…this offering allows us to broaden and diversify candidate pools to attract new talent, develop the workforce, and have safer forklift operators.

Additionally, Senior Manager for Marketing & Strategic Initiatives at Adecco Group US Foundation, Ashley Weaver, said: “At the Adecco Group US Foundation, our mission is to make the future work for everyone and to help provide workers access to greater economic mobility through upskilling. Due to alignment in values and goals, we chose to partner with BluWorkz for their virtual reality forklift simulator to complement our existing forklift upskillingoffering so we could allow a broader, more diverse group of the workforce the opportunity to learn more about and experience what it’s like to operate a forklift. It is our goal to allow more individuals access to explore this as a career pathway and help to close the skills gap for light industrial workers.”

Susan Shemanski, Vice President of Risk Management for Adecco Group NA, added that “At Adecco, we realized that using VR for our forklift training would increase knowledge retention and allow us to test drivers’ reactions without putting them at risk. We chose BluWorkz as our partner due to the quality of their system and excellent customer service in supporting our efforts.”

About BluWorkz: Bluworkz is a software development company offering virtual reality training and assessment solutions to educational institutions, non-credentialed workers, employers, and staffing agencies. Our mission is to bridge the gap between potential and opportunity for America’s +50-million strong blue-collar workforce by modernizing how applicants and career seekers acquire and showcase skills in this largely overlooked segment.

About Adecco USA: Adecco is the world's leading workforce solutions company, offering flexible placement, permanent placement, outsourcing and managed services across all sectors. At Adecco, we believe in the potential of people. We deliver the right talent capabilities at the right time, enablingflexibility and agility for clients. Our global scale, local knowledge, and 'always-on' approach matches the best candidates across a wide range of office, industrial and service sector roles. As a career partner and responsible employer, we support the employability of our associates and are committed to their success.

About Adecco Group US Foundation: Founded in 2019, the Adecco Group US Foundation is committed to making the world a fairer, more accessible and better place. Our vision is of a world where all people are enabled to reach their full potential. We do not give grants, but we leverage the know-how, expertise, and resources of groups and individuals to drive social value creation in the field of employment skills.Peter Chronopoulos

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