Software Updates

Basic Training Suite Release Notes – Version: – 8 May 2018

Basic Training Suite

software update: Version: – 8 May 2018


  • Lesson 103. Basic Driving Skills (forward and reverse).  Basic Lifting and racking skills (press ‘T’ to start training.
  • Functional Box-Clamp ready to lift and move your boxes. When toggling through the scenarios the appliances boxes on the left side while facing the bays are for box clamp testing.
  • Right-Click RTO and Launch BTS from the task tray
  • Mare scenarios and courses to toggle through. Use the user mapped key for Scenario Toggle.  Three cone courses and several boxes and racks to experience.
  • New realism with our pallet rack (currently only works on the single rack scenario). Go ahead hit the rack at full speed.
  • Added user mappable key to disable ‘Turn Around’ aka the Blake. (key ‘H’).  Turn around is a special capability that improves a user’s field of view and peripheral vision while driving in reverse.  Current VR technology requires an operator to overturn their body to get the same viewpoint in VR.  With Turn Around, we minimize the need to turn so severely.  This can be toggled off for those users who do not suffer that limitation or do not find it beneficial.


  • Installer will now upgrade your existing version of Basic Training Suite. (known issue where RTO will not stop properly.  Right-click RTO and click stop service if it hangs on install)
  • During installation you no longer need your license key. If upgrading in-place RTO will use your saved license key.
  • License activation a simple paste and click activate. Reduced clicks and more messaging contained within the RTO license window.
  • Removed the Unity Configurator when starting BTS. If you need to change your resolution or change from window/full-screen mode, hold the SHIFT key down while clicking Launch BTS.
  • Pallet Physics Update. Properly lift, tilt and side-shift your pallets.  The rack row is not updated, but pallets in Lesson 103 and if you toggle through scenarios to the single rack exercise you can test it out.
  • Forks no longer lift the truck when tilting the tips against the ground. Additionally, the forks will stop when lowering onto a rack shelf.
  • Major Basiloid appliance attachment update. Adjusted blade spacing and improved blade and band interaction.
  • RTO now only reports Verified/Unverified License status to BTS. License management handled exclusively in RTO now.


  • Installer now reports the correct version number as shown in BTS.
  • Fixed speedbump intensity. Previously acted more like a curb rather than a bump
  • Fixed excessive X-box controller rumble while moving pallets
  • Updated the logic behind force feedback reporting.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly reported performance issues that prevented the recording and Leapmotion hands from working despite adequate system performance.

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