Software Updates

Basic Training Suite Release Notes – Version – 19 Jul 2018

All the notes listed below is a cumulative update for all builds that have been published since 11 Jun 2018.


  • NEW Cone Course Creation Tool. Download a simple file that uses Microsoft Excel. This simple spreadsheet allows you to use ‘x’ and other characters to build a custom cone course. Click the generate course button and then run BTS. This custom course will be added to the end of all the included scenarios. A sample course is provided in the tool to run and test.
  • Additional scenarios and cone courses added for both Training Warehouse and Appliances Warehouse
  • Each session will now create its own Training log and recording. Sessions are complete when the end session or change scenario keys are pressed.
  • Training Logs are now stored on RVC server for retrieval and reporting (requires internet connection).
  • All scene transitions fade out and in for all camera views and with VR.
  • Exercise 01 and 02 added to the 100-level curriculum (standard forks). These exercises build on the initial training lessons and now ask the operator to more complex tasks.
  • Lesson 201 Basiloid attachment training added.
  • Recording Icon. The recording icon replaces the text. Red is recording. Green is ready. Grey is disabled, and Flashing Grey is reduced performance.
  • Auto detect system performance and adjust graphics quality based on framerates. The system will adjust between three different quality settings.
  • Alert Icon added. The alert icon can be triggered by trainer by pressing the ‘A’ key (mappable). A large alert icon will flash on the operator’s HUD. This provides a less jarring experience for the operator who is in VR and will allow them to keep their headphones on and volume up to increase immersion.
  • Improved turn around can now be adjusted via F4 screen. The adjustment will allow operators to adjust the effect of the turn around action. Improved turn around is a utility that compensates for the restricted field of view with today’s VR headsets. This is an important tool for those that have to drive in reverse for extended periods of time and allow a more natural position.
  • Training Lessons will now log in the training log and will receive points for completion.


  • Offline mode now works for up to 7 days.
  • Internal Combustion forklift engine sound added.
  • Enable email flag to Submit diagnostics. This will enable/disable the ability to email diagnostics reports to RVC. This is primarily for computers on corporate networks that may block these ports causing system lockup.
  • Updated LeapMotion module for use with latest LeapMotion software update
  • Update to the license validation screen to provide additional information about the license state.
  • Basic Training Suite will now install in Program Files and not x86 folder. Basic Training Suite is now using the registry in lieu of file write for most communications needs between BTS, Command Post and RTO.
  • Running BTS no longer requires Admin permissions. Initial install will require admin permissions. License changes will require admin permissions. (to run as admin, close BTS and right-click close RTO. Then right-click the BTS shortcut and run-as administrator
  • New input manager to improve component communication. The first improvement is disabling gas/brake when using the training menus.
  • Major improvement to pallet and box handling physics. Forks will properly sideshift pallets. (note: we seek continued feedback to improve this)


  • Banner toggle fixed. When connected via Command Post Android a user can display their company banner with the press of a key.
  • Demo licenses are now restricted to lessons 101 and 102 and two scenarios.
  • Re-added seat belt controller mapping. Prevented the seat belt on the Real-Forklift Premium simulator from properly detecting state.
  • Proper scaling of cones and road barrels. Improve contact realism.
  • Offline mode properly works. Issue was causing the system to not validate last verified date and caused system performance issues.

Known Issues:

  • Command Post Android Telemetry does not report real-time. This feature will be added back in a future release.

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