Software Updates

Basic Training Suite Release Notes – Version – 11 Sep 2018


  • Pedestrians phase 1. Now face additional challenges operating with pedestrians in the area.
  • Our pedestrians are REAL-Aware. They will go about their business, but can become aware of the forklift on their own and may react by trotting, slowing or stopping.
  • Honk the horn to get their attention, especially when crossing their walking path to avoid collisions.
  • If you hit a pedestrian you will receive a report of who you hit and where and receive a game-ending penalty to your score.
  • Close calls and collisions may result in a scream!
  • You can turn off the pedestrians via the F4 configuration screen.
  • We will continue to improve the pedestrian experience.
  • Rearview Mirrors. Authentic mirrors with geometrically correct points of reference. Dual mirrors.
  • Virtual Forklift Ignition Switch. Ignition switch can be activated through a mapped button on the steering wheel or via our unique Really-Virtual Ignition Switch. Reach out with your hands to activate. Ignition will turn electric truck on with a single press. Gas powered trucks will require you to hold the ignition down to crank and start. Authentic cranking and starting with sounds. Switch will have a glowing highlight (green when on, red when cranking)
  • Virtual Parking Brake. Parking brake can be activated through a mapped button on the steering wheel. Even better use your hand to activate the virtual brake. Put you hand on the brake handle and it will glow green. After one second brake handle will move to engage or disengage.
  • Virtual Light Switch. Light switch can be activated through a mapped button on the steering wheel or with your finger via our virtual control system. The light switch will glow green when on.
  • New Operator Tablet. Tablet is a new easy way to get key information while operating. See your score, know how much damage you have caused to your lift truck, see your lesson progress. Know if your forks our out of a safe position while driving. (lift, tilt and shift will turn red when risky operation occurs) Operator tablet is replicated on the monitor so the training can see and provide additional feedback.
  • Lessons are fully integrated into the scenario and end session key presses. This can be via steering wheel controls or keyboard presses. Exit a lesson early. Opening and close training menu. Quickly jump from training to free-roam practice.
  • New Curriculum report. During every session (from the time BTS opens until Q is pressed) a complete log of all lessons are captured. Curriculum report will show the lessons attempted, the number of times attempted, the best percent complet and total time spent on the lesson. All this data is uploaded and can be reviewed via a simple spreadsheet accessible via your Company RVC folder.
  • New military gloved hands. A more realistic gloved hand.
  • Backup beeper disable toggle (customer request)
  • Alert Messaging System. If an operator attempts to do something that violates proper practices a message will display on the tablet. Currently a message will display if operator attempts to start truck while in gear and/or parking brake no engaged.
  • Auto-detect Simulator type (Real-Forklift Premium, Mobile or Basic) and sets the appropriate default steering position
  • Collision sounds when hitting the racks.
  • Forks CCTV. Now with a keypress of a paddle press a forks camera will turn on to aid the novice operator (both to forklifts or VR) can better see their forks position.


  • Appropriate Electric/Gas engine sounds based on selected style of forklift (customer request)
  • Now swap detection of steering, Xbox and Real-Control. System will properly update based on used controller and will load the appropriate mapping.
  • Impact detection severity aligned with the damage model.
  • VR and Non-VR Xbox controller mapping will auto apply if a VR headset is detected or not.
  • Leapmotion hand detection will refresh when the VR headset is put on or off. Leap motion enable/disable now available through the F4 configuration page.
  • Mistake message will only appear for 5 seconds to avoid confusion of when the error occurred.
  • Force Feedback and Xbox rumble will reinitialize when how swapped.
  • Scenario changes are more efficient and will call the appropriate scenario.
  • Fork height violation will no longer report every 5 seconds. Instead the total violation time will be reported at the end of the session in the training log.


  • Auto VR alignment will work properly. Issue identified that occured if the headset was worn during startup and bypassed the auto-cal.
  • multiple fixes to lessons 101 to 106. Typos, messages, etc.
  • will not perform multiple license checks. System will respect the check complete flag.
  • Force feedback will disable if the system fails to initialize the steering wheel. This will be logged in RVC.Log file for the RVC team to diagnose.
  • Truck gear position will be tracked even when off. Fixed issue that prevented starting a truck if it was turned off in gear.
  • Settings in the F4 menu now properly being saved.
  • Session timer reset fixed when changing scenarios or ending a session.
  • forklift controls now correct direction by default (doesn’t require inverting in calibration)
  • Sideshifting max distance corrected to match actual side-shifter.
  • Dash display properly shows correct MPH, gear position, parking brake status and seatbelt status.
  • First time running could lock up because a folder failed to create.

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