Software Updates

Basic Training Suite Release Notes 4/23/2018 – v1.0.0.272

Basic Training Suite
software update as of 4/23/2018


  • RTO (Our tray application) now allows you to register your computer as a simulator. Right click the icon and click open.  Once open go to edit license.  Clicking activate will activate your computer as a simulator that will be visible in Command Post for connecting.
  • First two lessons (Press ‘T’)
  • Lessons will have voice-over instruction
  • Lesson 101 is a forklift familiarization course
  • Lesson 102 teaches the user basic controls of driving in forward and reverse
  • End session – User config keymap. Defaults to ‘E’ key.
  • End session and reset timer
  • Sends event log file email
  • Doesn’t reset anything at this time.
  • Toggle electric truck mode – User config keymap. Defaults to ‘F’ key
  • Disable inching pedal
  • Remove neutral free-rev
  • Removed throttle adjustable fork lift rate
  • Increased the closed throttle decal to simulate regenerative braking
  • Adjustable parameters that will be available to end-user in a future update
  • Working headlights and brake lights
  • Highlight forklift controls when activated.
  • Additional training interfaces for initial instruction and orientation
  • Training mode – user config keymap. Defaults to ‘F5’.
  • Toggle the instructional layers to help new operators learn about all the controls on the forklift.
  • Driver display can now be turned-off
  • Digital dash display for speed and gear selector. (known issue when seatbelt is engaged that changes display)
  • Pedals move when pressed
  • KPI improper fork height. This parameter is adjustable, but not yet exposed to end-user
  • Camera-view – user config keymap. Defaults to ‘F5’
  • Beta version of the ‘Blake’ added. The Blake is an algorithm that addresses field of view and lack of eye-tracking with VR headsets
  • Helps drivers who primarily drive their forklift in reverse to see what they expect to see when looking behind them.
  • Reduces the amount of driver strain to look behind them
  • Configurable (not yet exposed to user)
  • Auto-detects VR headset and disables for non-VR operation


  • Current version now appears in Basic training suite
  • Pallet handling and sensitivity of boxes on pallet
  • Data collection layer.
  • Modularized to allow forklift and/or attachment swapping
  • Central telemetry gateway gathers all data to send to on-screen notifications or to the event log files
  • Segregated force feedback from events. Now more control over the level of force feedback
  • VR calibration tool
  • Initial auto-calibrate will occur when first putting on HMD
  • All adjustments via forklift controls
  • All settings saved locally for all users
  • Restore default option added
  • Auto-detects presence of VR headset and will disable calibration mode automatically
  • Performance reduction algorithm now adjusts for non-VR usage.
  • Initial monitor view will be 3rd person view when starting or when the VR headset isn’t being worn
  • This prevents screen freeze when the VR headset isn’t being worn
  • Provides transitioned loading when operator first puts on headset after startup


  • Reduced notification message length for better display on monitor and driver display
  • Event messages will now disappear after 5 seconds
  • Fixed jittery telemetry display
  • Improved load time and added proper initialization checks to all modules
  • All events now log based on session time and not actual time.

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