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5 Benefits of Proper Forklift Training

Considering all of the potential risks and hazards, quality training in forklift maintenance and operation is a key component of any organizational safety program. It can help minimize risk by reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries during regular operations. Training also provides an opportunity to increase efficiency, productivity, and quality through improved assembly practices and streamlined logistical workflow. If you work with forklifts or have employees that do, then it's important to keep them up-to-date on their training. This not only ensures that your employees have the skills and knowledge to operate forklifts, but it also decreases the chances of accidents occurring on the job site.

Damage Control

By requiring your employees to undergo forklift training, you reduce your chances of accidents happening in the workplace. Forklift operators with no training put themselves and other employees in serious danger. Forklifts can cause injuries, as they are typically moving heavy loads at high speeds. The only way to make sure that your forklift drivers are safe behind the wheel is by having them trained by an experienced instructor. By having more knowledge about the machinery, there will be less damage to products, equipment, the machine and much more.

Productivity Boost

Another great benefit to forklift training is the increased productivity you'll see from your employees who have been properly trained. Employees will be much safer when dealing with forklifts and their loads, leading to less damage of goods. With fewer damages comes more availability for the timely and efficient fulfillment of orders. Forklift operators who lack proper training are significantly more likely to damage products, resulting in shrinkage, supply-chain delays, and ultimately, a negative effect on your business’s bottom line.

Safer Working Environment

Forklifts can be very dangerous machines; over 35,000 serious accidents happen every year as a result of forklift operator error. OSHA estimates that forklifts cause about 85 fatal accidents per year; 34,900 accidents result in serious injury; and 61,800 are classified as non-serious. OSHA studies show that many of these accidents could have been prevented by better training. With proper training, you'll see far fewer injuries and fatalities in the workplace. Forklifts are very powerful machinery that is often pushed to lift loads beyond their rated capacity. It is not uncommon for an operator to make a mistake that can result in a preventable, but tragic accident.

Extends the Life of Your Machinery

When a forklift is used without proper training, it opens the door for more accidents, which in turn, can damage your machines. Forklift operators mainly operate on a mechanical level, which is not adequate to understand the true complexity of these machines, nor employ in-depth knowledge about the potential risks. Ensuring that your staff is properly trained will not only increase productivity but will ultimately lead to fewer accidents. Aside from causing serious injuries, certain mishaps can lead to additional wear and tear on forklifts, such as ripping the chain off or damaging the stabilizers, which ultimately costs you money to repair. The ITA also reports that the useful life of a lift truck is around 8 years. Therefore, about 90% of all forklifts will be involved in some type of accident during their useful life.

More Confidence

By training your staff in the proper way to operate a forklift, you can boost their confidence which will help to increase productivity in the warehouse. Forklifts require good coordination and acute attention to detail. Training your staff on the proper way to operate a forklift will make it easier for them to use the machine, which in turn makes them more productive and confident while performing their duties.

Overall, forklift training can benefit you and your employees in a multitude of ways. Through proper forklift training, your staff can become more safety conscious, as well as increasing their overall productivity. They are also less likely to damage their equipment through improper use, which will save you money on repairs. Forklift training is a valuable investment for your business, and is absolutely essential for every business that utilizes this type of equipment in any capacity. If you work with forklifts or have employees that do, then it's important to keep them fresh on their training, as well as ensuring that all machines remain in safe operating condition. Aside from a company’s commitment to productivity and financial efficiency, employers also have a legal responsibility to keep their forklift operators up-to-date with training. A lot can change in the world of forklifts and technology, so you'll want to make sure that your employees are well versed in any new developments that may begin to emerge.

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